Refreshing non-alcoholic drink

Fast Energy is a perfect drink for all people with dynamic life style, adrenaline lovers, sport players, for students and people who work a lot and for all those who need additional energy. Fast Energy rises up energetic balance, refresh body and spirit, boost up mood, good entertainment and fun.





Fast Energy drink is great for periods with increased physical and mental efforts and when it’s necessary to shown maximum productivity. It’s revitalizing effect rises up energy, reduces tiredness, uphold good mood and fun.


CAFFEINE is founded in the leaves, seeds and fruits of over 60 plant species which grow around the world. One of the most famous properties of caffeine is its ability to act as a stimulant and releases adrenaline. Affects to postpone sleepiness, helps to recover from a hangover, increases blood pressure and heart rate. Caffeine are substances that enhance the activity of the brain, overcome fatigue and exhaustion, improve concentration and mental activity.

TAURINE is an amino acid which is located in the human and animal organism. An essential ingredient in food and is found in many products. It has been shown that taurine affects the growth and development of children, prevention of disorders of the heart failure, the normal functioning of nerve cells, as an antioxidant.

VITAMIN MIX ingredient of Fast Energy is an ideal combination of B vitamins, vitamin C and other vitamins essential for meeting the daily needs of the organism. This complex vitamin regulates metabolic processes, growth and development and serves as an antioxidant. Fast Energy is composed of INOSITOL, which enhances the power of concentracion and memory and also has a calming effect on the nervous system.


Original high quality aroma promises enjoyment in the every moment, and optimal quantity of Taurin, Inositol and vitamin complex guarantee energetic stimulant that are safe Your health.

Thanks to natural sugar this drink is healthier and more drinkable than other drinks that contains artificial sugar.

Ph value of the product gives the charakteristic of the eviroment where microbe is impossible to find, and this is natural conserve element having no artificial conserves.

Fast Energy is producing in the production facility with implemented systems: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP FSSC 22000.

Fast Energy 0.25l and 0.5l Energy Fast as part of our standard product range. Energy drink Fast Energy Orange produce by customers’ demands.

Fast Energy declaration

Fast Energy diže energetski balans, osvežava telo i duh , čuvar dobrog provoda i zabave.



Logistic reflex

Distributor for Serbia: „Park Sistem“ d.o.o. Svetozara Miletica 24, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia, tel/fax +381 21 6616 341, +381 21 422 011, mob: +381 62 280 070

                                            AMAN DOO, VINOGRADSKA 52a SURČIN, +381 11 22 60 556

                                            MIKROMARKET NS DOO, KOLO SRPSKIH SESTARA 13, NOVI SAD, Serbia, +381 21 65 40 105

Distributor for BiH: „Amko Komerc“ d.o.o., Branilaca Sarajeva 20, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, tel: +387 33 660 624, +387 33 660 592

Distributor for Macedonia: „Getro“ a.d. Industrijska zona bb, 1230 Gostivar, Macedonia, tel: +389 42 615 100

Fast Energy, u sastavu ima i inozitol, koji dodatno pojačava moć koncentracije i pamćenja a ujedno deluje umirujuće na nervni siistem, i omogućava miran san.


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