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Slide Energetsko pice REFRESHING non-alcoholic drink Slide Energetsko pice REFRESHING non-alcoholic drink


is a perfect drink for all people with dynamic life style, adrenaline lovers, sport players, for students and people who work a lot and for all those who need additional energy.

Fast Energy rises up energetic balance, refresh body and spirit, boost up mood, good entertainment and fun.


Original high quality aroma promises enjoyment in the every moment, and optimal quantity of Taurin, Inositol and vitamin complex guarantee energetic stimulant that are safe Your health.

Thanks to natural sugar this drink is healthier and more drinkable than other drinks that contains artificial sugar. Ph value of the product gives the charakteristic of the eviroment where microbe is impossible to find, and this is natural conserve element having no artificial conserves.

100% Recyclable Cans

What our customers say?
Marko Nikolic
Novi Sad
My favorite energy drink. Ideal during exams.
Sara Berić
You’re great, I like the taste of this drink. My favorite is a can with coffee flavor!


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Hajduk Veljkova 11, Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

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