energetska pica ukusi

CAFFEINE is founded in the leaves, seeds and fruits of over 60 plant species which grow around the world. One of the most famous properties of caffeine is its ability to act as a stimulant and releases adrenaline. Affects to postpone sleepiness, helps to recover from a hangover, increases blood pressure and heart rate. Caffeine are substances that enhance the activity of the brain, overcome fatigue and exhaustion, improve concentration and mental activity.

Energetski napitak

TAURINE is an amino acid which is located in the human and animal organism. An essential ingredient in food and is found in many products. It has been shown that taurine affects the growth and development of children, prevention of disorders of the heart failure, the normal functioning of nerve cells, as an antioxidant.

Energetski napitak

VITAMIN MIX ingredient of Fast Energy is an ideal combination of B vitamins, vitamin C and other vitamins essential for meeting the daily needs of the organism. This complex vitamin regulates metabolic processes, growth and development and serves as an antioxidant. Fast Energy is composed of INOSITOL, which enhances the power of concentracion and memory and also has a calming effect on the nervous system.

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million sold, Fast Energy 0,25l
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Thanks to natural sugar this drink is healthier and more drinkable than other drinks that contains artificial sugar. PH value of the product gives the characteristic of the evironment where microbe is impossible to find, and this is natural conserve element having no artificial conserves.


Water is base of the production of Fast energy drink. To ensure more qualitative and safer raw material for our production, water passes through several stages of processing which provide the quality of the final product.

Marko Nikolic
Novi Sad
My favorite energy drink. Ideal during exams.
Sara Berić
You’re great, I like the taste of this drink. My favorite is a can with coffee flavor!